The Watershed - (Screening H)

Cape Cod is famous for its pristine beaches and estuaries, which provide pleasure and sustenance to all who live and visit there. But a dirty secret is lurking behind the beautiful views.For decades, nutrients from human waste have been seeping out of septic systems and into the groundwater. Excess nitrogen and phosphorus now threaten a majority of Cape CodÍs estuaries, endangering critical ecosystems, the shellfish industry, and tourism-reliant economies.In revealing portraits of the people affected by nutrient pollution, THE WATERSHED brings this mostly-invisible problem into sharp focus. For quahog fisherman John Perry, buying a home right on an estuary made it possible to make a living and enjoy life on the waterfront. But algae has choked out the quahog habitat, putting his livelihood at risk. Emma Jo Mills is a Wampanoag artist who grew up on Santuit Pond, regularly eating fish her family would catch there year-round. Thirty years later, the algae pollution is so bad she no longer can eat the fish and rarely ventures out to kayak.With input from scientists, aquaculture experts, and local oyster farmers, this short documentary offers the natural filtering capacity of shellfish as a partial solution to the  problem. But despite the promises of aquaculture, is it too much to ask Mother Nature to solve the problems of development? As Mills points out, if we want to preserve Cape Cod's natural beauty and lifestyle, we must learn to live in harmony with the environment that connects and sustains us all.

Directors: Elise Hugus, Daniel Cojanu
Screenwriter: Elise Hugus
Producers: Elise Hugus, Ed DeWitt, Ed DeWitt
Cinematographer: Daniel Cojanu

USA | 2014 | Runtime: 15 min.

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Sunday, July 27

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