The Gunfighter - (Screening H)

In a small town in the old west, a lone and weary gunfighter enters a saloon. As he walks through the room surrounded by the people of the town, a voice begins narrating the scene, telling us exactly who this gunfighter is. But unlike every classic western to use the narrator trope, the characters in this film can hear the voice.This omniscient narrator quickly begins divulging the deepest, darkest secrets of the people in the saloon. He exposes infidelity, homosexuality, prejudice and even a bit of bestiality. As the story unfolds it becomes evident that the voice is a bloodthirsty bastard that wants nothing more than to see the people of the town kill each other in a needless gunfight.The narrator almost succeeds, until the Gunfighter gives a rousing speech challenging everyone to see this as an opportunity to improve themselves, to fight against their natures and stop doing the things theyÍre ashamed of. The people in the bar cheer the gunfighter, and are on the verge of forging a new utopia based on honesty and goodness when the voice drops one last bit of information.

Director: Eric Kissack
Screenwriter: Kevin Tenglin
Producer: Sarah Platt
Cinematographer: Jon Aguirresarobe
Cast: Shawn Parsons,Scott Beehner,EIleen O'Connell,Brace Austin Harris,Timothy Brennan,Travis Lincoln Cox,Schoen Hodges,Chet Nelson,Keith Biondi,Circus Szalewski,Jordan Black

USA | 2014 | Runtime: 9 min.

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