Salvatore - (Screening G)

After being clinically dead for seven minutes following a stroke, Pope Lucius IV awakens to tell his young travel aide that he saw nothing on the other side.  Inside a dank hospital room on the outskirts of Bolivia, the aide is confronted by a menacing Vatican official who asks him what is more important... the Faith of one billion people, or the life of a solitary man?

Director: William Shermer
Screenwriter: Jeffrey DeGrand
Producers: Jeffrey DeGrand, Clayton LaDue, William Shermer, Brian Thomas Evans ,Kimberly Gordon, Ana Lucasey
Cinematographer: Jayson  Crothers
Cast: Massi Furlan,Carlo Corbellini,Roberto Bonanni,Romeo Aragon Araque

USA | 2013 | Runtime: 6 min.

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