Salmon Deadly Sins - (Screening F)

Five thousand salmon colored index cards, the seven deadly sins, bizarre anagrams and a host of serendipitous occurrences have mingled in the artist's imagination and emerged on paper as Salmon Deadly Sins. With music by Leftover Salmon, this seven minute flip book style film is a moving drawing; each frame was created individually, by hand, on a 3X5 inch index card. Artist Steven Vander Meer creates his drawings with inspiration derived from words. These include the titles of the film's seven chapters: envy, gluttony, greed, lust, pride, sloth and wrath. Each chapter also has an anagram of Salmon Deadly Sins, to inspire further creativity in the drawings. Self portraits are prevalent in the artist's work, and remind us that creativity comes from within.

Director|Screenwriter: Steven Vander Meer

USA | 2013 | Runtime: 7 min. 

My Films Sessions

Saturday, July 26

9:00pm EDT