Maritime Capsules - (Screening E)

Why do working-class people work so hard to sustain ways of life tied to dying commercial industries?  Maritime Capsules addresses this question through the eyes of a small group of people struggling to maintain an ancient rowboat as a vital piece of maritime culture in the shadows of the declining commercial fishing industry in Gloucester, Massachusetts, the oldest seaport in America.  Through the story of the Grand Banks Dory from the late 1800s to today, the film challenges us to reflect on what is at stake for working-class people as they struggle to sustain a key element of their heritage in a world increasingly inhospitable to it.

Directors: Sal Zerilli, Keith Palazzola
Co-Producers: Sal Zerilli, Matthew Bradley, Keith Palazzola
Cinematographer: Matthew Bradley

USA | 2014 | Runtime: 22 min.

My Films Sessions

Sunday, July 27

5:00pm EDT