Jesse - (Screening D)

After her parents are killed in a car accident, twenty-two year old Kelly Turner finds herself in the overwhelming position of being the sole caregiver for her older brother Jesse who has autism. Loveable but completely dependent, Jesse requires constant care. Kelly wants to do whatÍs best for her brother, but finds it difficult to cope and starts to abuse JesseÍs anxiety medication. Things come to a head when Kelly is invited to the birthday party of Colin, her co-worker and potential love-interest.  With no alternative care for Jesse and desperate for connection, Kelly brings Jesse with her. At the party, Kelly decides to go with Colin to his bedroom, and leaves Jesse alone. As Kelly makes out with Colin, screams of anguish are heard from the party below. Kelly runs downstairs in a panic to discover Jesse attacking himself violently. She attempts to calm Jesse but this agitates him further and he grabs her aggressively. Colin bursts through the crowd of bystanders and rips Jesse off of Kelly. Deeply embarrassed, Kelly darts out of the party with Jesse. In a nearby alleyway, Kelly breaks down in tears and spills JesseÍs anxiety pills all over the ground. Jesse surprises Kelly by laughing and attempting to play a game that he and Kelly share. Kelly moves from tears to hysterical laughter. Finally, she calms down and apologizes to Jesse. She gets up and walks away with Jesse, leaving the pills behind.

Director|Screenwriter: Adam Goldhammer
Producers: Evan Landry, Daniel Bekerman, E. Jane Thompson
Cinematographer: Daniel Grant
Cast: Jake Epstein, Hannah Anderson, Andrew Bushell

Canada | 2013 | Runtime: 14 min.

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