His New Hands - (Screening E)

'Can you keep a secret?'After looking for his younger brother all day, Charlie finds him sulking in a tree, demanding to know the truth about their father and why he doesn't live with them. Eager to get his brother home, Charlie decides to tell his brother a tall-tale about their father, the invincible boxer and how he obtained his golden gloves. HIS NEW HANDS is a Faustian fable about the choices one makes when pursuing a dream.

Director|Screenwriter: Sudhanshu Saria
Producers: Sudhanshu Saria, David McNayr, Stacey Marbrey, Andre Royo, AP Tan, Hilda Quek, Christos  Volikakis, Brett Ostro, QUASAR HAMIRANI
Cinematorgrapher: Han  West
Cast: Jayce  Dempsey, Jakobe' Dempsey, Andre Royo, Brandon Scott, Sabrina  Revelle

Hong Kong, India, USA | 2013 | Runtime: 15 min.

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