Happy Hour - (Screening B)

When a woman meets her boyfriend for a romantic night out, a martini triggers childhood memories of sexual abuse by a family friend. She boldly faces the girl she was and the secret that's threatened her ability to trust and love.

Director|Screenwriter: Gretl Claggett
Producers: Gretl Claggett, Joseph Pierce Farrell
Cinematographer: Eve Cuyen
Cast: Julianne Moore, Erinn Ruth, Orli Hersch, George Tynan Crowley ,Robyn Maitland, Sean Cullen, Norah Marler, Zachary Le Vey, Kathryn Neville Browne, Elaine F. Liebmann, Edward  Prostak, Ben Prayz,J essica Mei Gershen, Ryan Vincent, Amanda Dane, Nattacia Satie, Enid Breis, Jay Gaussoin, Andy Horowitz

USA | 2013 | Runtime: 14 min.

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