Cubical Life - (Screening C)

Hearing a computer keystroke that goes against the methodical rhythm of the cubical life a female office drone searches for the cause of the sound that dares to go against the group. She eventually finds the cause; a techie is fixing a bad key at another drones cubical.  Upon returning to her desk she has a perception shift as her spirits are up-lifted by a bit of the outside world (a shaft of sunlight) that comes streaming into the office. This perception shift changes the way she approaches the cubical, her typing rhythm, and also changes her internal drone rhythm to something moreƒ. human.

Director|Producer: Joshua Waterstone
Screenwriter: Micah Kafka
Cinematographer: Logan Gee
Cast: Jenny Holm, Dennis Henry, Abby Ueker, Maggie Austin, Sean Grosshans, Kendra Adams, Karinbir Hundal, Katie Robbins

USA | 2013 | Runtime: 6 min

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