A Lovely Treat - (Screening D)

In an effort to find love, tall girl Harriet finds herself on a blind date with Ed.  Ed is short. Really short. As soon as Harriet lays eyes on him, her heart sinks, as she knows the date will be a dud.  Short guys just donÍt do it for her. A bit on the picky side, Harriet holds high expectations that most guys couldnÍt possibly meet, especially a short one. As the evening progresses, however, she starts to feel a slight attraction toward Ed, prompting her to revamp her initial position and actually consider the possibility of dating a short man. During the date, she starts fantasizing about what itÍd be like to date a short guy.  In each fantasy, Harriet finds a way to humorously work through whatever difficulties EdÍs shortness presents.  By the dateÍs end, sheÍs fully convinced herself that Ed is, in fact, the loveliest of treats. Admittedly, she goes a bit overboard in determining the entire trajectory of their relationship on a first date, but Harriet has finally learned to loosen her expectations and open herself to the prospect of finding love in unexpected places.

Director|Producer: Mitch Yapko
Screenwriter|Producer: Jennifer Rosen
Producer: Saralyn Armer
Cinematographer: Derek Bauer
Cast: Nick Somers, Jennifer Rosen, Aliza Pearl

USA | 2012 | Runtime: 11 min.

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Saturday, July 26

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